Ondieki Studios

Audio Production & Management


Creative Consultation, Voice Acting

What we do?

audio production & management

End-to-end audio production covering everything from composition to mastering. We also provide for live engineering and at events of all sizes.

Creative consultation

With our extensive industry experience, we will help you conceptualize and create your podcast, radio show, audiobook, and all other formats.

voice acting

We have experienced voice acting talents at your disposal, word-perfect narrators in a variety of languages including English, Swahili, Kikuyu, French, Luhya, and many others.

Work with professionals who respect your time and investment!


Browse our extensive portfolio for the range of services we can provide for you. Ranging from podcast creation, to voice acting, to audio-visual production, we have something for everyone!

What do we offer?


Highly experienced production professionals who respect your time, scheduling and investment.


Creative consultation that will bring the best out of your concepts, all the way to performance and publishing.


Dedicated voice actors that will bring your scripts to life, in a variety of local and international languages.